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The 13 Best Anime Like Overlord

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If you found yourself addicted to Overlord, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn many other anime based on massive multiplayer online role-playing games exist for you to try. Anime similar to Overlord follow similar premises, with protagonists immersed within fantasy realms markedly different from the "real world."

Loads of anime like Overlord build upon the fantasy video game setting and take it in completely new directions. Some fully embrace the RPG themes, while others juxtapose them with real-world politics. Though most Overlord-like titles are video game-inspired anime, many titles even portray their fantasy world as the "authentic" world, meaning characters may not even realize they live in a simulation. Should you be looking for a series you can really immerse yourself in, these anime offer entire worlds that both you, and the series' protagonists, may escape to.