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The Best Anime Like Pandora Hearts

This list ranks the best anime that are similar to Pandora Hearts in setting, theme, and even plot, with the order determined by votes from anime fans like you. The genres that best describe the anime Pandora Hearts are adventure, dark fantasy, and mystery, and for fans looking for similar works, you'll find there are a number to choose from.

Anime similar to Pandora Hearts include Black Butler, D.Gray-man, and Gosick. Still other anime like Pandora Hearts include Chrono Crusade, Soul Eater, and Fate/stay night, a story about Shirou Emiya, who like Oz in Pandora Hearts, is a young person who abruptly and unwillingly is thrown into a situation where he must establish allies and take up the fight.

By voting these anime like Pandora Hearts up or down, you can help push the best choices to the top. Also, if you happen to notice an anime similar to Pandora Hearts that's missing from the list, feel free to add it yourself and help the list grow!