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The Best Anime Like Paprika

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The ability to enter someone's mind is a powerful thing, especially when you can go deep into their subconscious. Paprika is an extraordinary movie that delves into the idea of exploring other people's dreams in order to help cure them. However, when criminals get their hands on the technology and people begin acting strange, everything changes. With the help of Officer Konakawa, Atsuko Chiba and Kosaku Tokita desperately try to take back their years of hard work. 

This movie is a trip, not only because of its loud colors and very striking resemblance to real dreams, but because of the story itself. If you're looking for anime like Paprika, we have quite a few recommendations that are sure to stun and delight you. Choices like Dream Eater Merry or Dream Hunter Rem portray both dream demons and defenders alike, portraying the sleeping realm as an entirely different world. We also have series that take on different topics with the same kind of seriousness, such as Revolutionary Girl Utena or Steins;Gate, both of which are very serious in their nature with strange happenings always occurring. 

It's time to find a new series to binge watch and we've got the perfect list of anime like Paprika, just for you. Vote up the series you fell in love with from this list! 

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