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The Best Anime Like Paranoia Agent

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Musashino City is under attack by an assailment known as Shounen Bat, or Lil' Slugger, who enjoys beating their victims with a golden baseball bat. With no real way to catch such an interesting villain, it's up to detectives Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa to try and find him before more victims fall to his ruthless swings. Of course, if you've already watched this, you know just how great of a series it is! 

Finding a show as interesting as Paranoia Agent may seem impossible, but we've managed to find series we're sure will be just as thrilling once you've finished. Classic series like FLCL have a similar sense of strange mystery, but are also darker series like Death Note where the supernatural becomes deadly. Depending on what poison you get, you may find tales as innocent as young boys running into aliens or as dark as a high schooler believing himself to be god. 

Whatever your taste is, there's a little something for everyone. Vote up which of these series you feel are the best recommendations for anime like Paranoia Agent