The 13 Best Anime Like Rosario Vampire

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Monster girls are one of the most popular themes in anime right now; especially the shows revolving around romance. Even if you don’t completely get the appeal of having girls with somewhat terrifying attributes, you have to admit that their special nature lends themselves to a lot of great humor. For many shows like this, there are plenty of antics and typically we’ll see the leading character finding themselves in a harem of sorts.

One classical show that accumulated quite the fan base was Rosario Vampire. It’s a classic harem anime that includes all the strange qualities any lover of the supernatural will enjoy. The great thing about this show is that it’s not alone; there’s an entire genre for fans to follow if they’ve already finished! We’ve found 13 of the best anime series like Rosario Vampire to fulfill all your spooky girl needs. Let us know which ones you like!

  • Akuto Sai has big aspirations to become a part of his country's highest order for magicians and eventually be a clergy. Now attending Constant Magical Academy, it should help him take the first step to achieve his goals. But when his aptitude test tells him that his future operation is "Demon King," all of his plans change. Now he is the envy of his class head and needs to be constantly guarded by an android. The series is incredibly random, much like Rosario Vampire, which makes it just as exciting and entertaining to watch!

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    Sekirei is a classic that anyone will enjoy. Minato Sahashi is down on his luck after failing his entrance exam twice; he doesn't exactly handle pressure well. When Musubi falls from the sky and claims him to be her partner in the "Sekirei Plan," Minato is thrown into a competition he wasn't expecting. Sekirei are powerful weapons that choose specific humans to help unlock their potential. The story follows Minato as more and more Sekirei find him to make a contract, helping to fight in this mysterious battle. If you're more of an action buff with cute girl harems, this will certainly spice up your anime life! 

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  • We can understand the appeal of monster girls; they're cute and most certainly different in both personality and characteristics. Kimihito Kurusu comes to figure this out better than anyone when he, involuntarily, becomes a part of the "Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act". Miia, a Lamia, shows up at his doorstep on accident. Not having the heart to turn her down, Kurusu will soon become the host to a variety of monster girls staying at his home. If you like harems full of strange girls and miraculous humor, this will definitely be the show to watch!  

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  • A huge part of high school is finally being able to confess to your crush. Unfortunately for  Rito Yūki, it's not that easy. As a shy boy, he struggles to muster up the courage to talk to his long-time crush. For this high school student, love is going to hit him when he least expects it; in the bathtub. Lala is a strange girl claiming to be a princess from the planet Deviluke. In order to stay on Earth, she plans to marry Rito and refuse her original candidate for marriage. Another supernatural girl with pink hair has joined the ring! Will you watch?

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  • Asahi Kuromine has a crush on Youko Shiragami but has recently learned a horrible secret about her; she's a vampire. Since he's found out her secret, Youko says she now has to leave school at her father's request in order to keep their family safe. Not wanting her to go, Asahi promises to help keep her secret; which proves to be exceptionally difficult because he cannot keep anything hidden to save his life. Not only is the lead girl also a vampire, but the show is filled with plenty of antics and romance that will fill the void Rosario Vampire left behind. 

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    Tenbi Academy used to be an all-girls school until it was recently converted to co-ed. Takeru Ohyama is excited to be one of the new boys enrolling, hoping to see plenty of cute girls. However, he soon realizes that school was not made for your average human being. Rather, it was made so that special people that can control "Elements" and create powerful weapons known as "Maken." Not a supernatural person, Takeru is now stuck in a school where people battle each other to display their powers. If the plot sounds a little familiar, it's because this anime is an awful lot like Rosario Vampire. But, in this case, that's a good thing because it means there's more for you to watch! 

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