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The Best Anime Like Serial Experiments Lain

Updated 21 Dec 2018 315 votes 70 voters 3.5k views21 items

Need some Serial Experiments Lain anime recommendations? Since this cyberpunk anime is fairly unique, let's rank the best anime like Serial Experiments Lain, with the help of your votes. These are anime that are similar to Serial Experiments Lain in terms of tone, genre, characters, and more.

Akira is a good anime that's similar to Serial Experiments LainAkira take places in a dystopian cyberpunk future where the protagonist gains telekinetic powers. Other good anime recommendations for fans of Serial Experiments Lain are Ergo ProxyGhost in the Shell, and Perfect Blue, the Satoshi Kon psychological horror film about a pop idol who begins to lose touch with reality.

What should you watch after finishing Serial Experiments Lain? Find some great picks on the list below, and don't forget to vote up the anime you'd recommend to other Serial Experiments Lain fans. You can't go wrong with most sci-fi and cyberpunk anime if you want more like Serial Experiments Lain, but just because they share a theme doesn't necessarily mean they're the same.

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