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The Best Anime Like Steins;Gate

Looking for anime recommendations for what to watch after Steins;Gate? What makes Steins;Gate so different from other adaptations is its high-quality storytelling featuring an eccentric scientist and time-traveling microwave phone. It all seems silly - and no doubt there are humorous moments in the show - but Steins;Gate uses its absurdity to deliver an emotionally bittersweet love story about the fleeting nature of life. For this list we'll take a look at the best anime like Steins;Gate, with the recommendations ranked by your votes.

With so many anime visual novel adaptations out there, it can be hard to find the right follow-up to Steins;Gate. However, shows like Erased, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Eden of the East are all anime similar to Steins;Gate. Take a look at the recommendations below and vote up the anime you'd most want other fans of Steins;Gate to watch.

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    Similar to Steins;Gate, Erased asks the question "If you could go back in time to prevent a tragedy of a loved one, would you?" While Erased ignores science for a more supernatural explanation of time travel, it follows the same principle. Distinctly, Erased touches on the nostalgia of childhood, while teasing the audience with its engaging murder mystery throughout the series.

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  • Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World has many things in common with Steins;Gate. Both are animated by the same studio (White Fox), feature time travel as a plot device, and have protagonists who don't fit the mold of a typical hero story. Nonetheless, the protagonists of Re:Zero and Steins;Gate share the same burning desire to save the people they love through time travel, even if it costs them their sanity. In contrast, Re:Zero is a darker fantasy story, exemplified by the fact time travel is activated by death. 

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    Steins;Gate fans who loved the surreality and romantic sub-plot of the series should definitely check out Your Name. The male and female leads of Your Name find themselves in each other names, in its reality-bending storyline of a distant love affair. Much like Steins;Gate, Your Name uses its unreal plot device to highlight the relatable yearning for love. 

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      Similar to Steins;Gate, Another revolves around an unnatural phenomenon and mystery, but in a haunted high school setting. In terms of tone, Another is much darker because of its horrific depiction of violence. If you're looking for something that carries the same aura of Steins;Gate but with a darker atmosphere, give Another a try. 

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