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The Best Anime Like Sweetness and Lightning

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Being a single parent after the death of a partner is incredibly difficult, as Kohei Inuzuka from Sweetness and Lightning would testify. This heartwarming anime is all about the importance of cooking good meals and sharing them with the people we love. Since  Kohei realizes he's not exactly a chef himself, he decides to take up his student's offer to eat at her family's restaurant with his little girl who desperately needs fresh food. 

Anime can sometimes be the best place to find slice-of-life stories, and we've got plenty of them listed here if you're looking for Sweetness and Lightning recommendations. From shows about those who randomly find themselves to be single parents, such as Bunny Drop, to the magical world of witches and their coming of age ceremonies, like Flying Witch, many of these series all have one important thing in common; family. Beautiful tales constructed around familial love and what brings people together, we're sure at least one of these shows will definitely have you in tears. 

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