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The Best Anime Like Tsuredure Children

Updated 31 May 2019 391 votes 127 voters 2.7k views27 items

Following the stories of several different couples and love interests, Tsuredure Children is an adorable series all about the different challenges young love can bring. With no real reference as to how to feel or what to do in certain situations, most of these couples end up flailing around in a comedic performance that will definitely remind you of your high school days and failed attempts at romance. 

However, if you've seen every route through till the very end, you may want more romantic comedies to fill up your heart. Luckily, we've picked several recommendations like Tsuredure Children that will make a perfect follow up for your next binge watch! Series like Tsuki ga Kirei and My Love Story!! are adorable series all about first loves and how to deal with them. From unlikely pairings to the struggles of simply letting someone know you like them, both do a really good job of portraying youth and simple crushes. 

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