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The Best Anime Like Voices Of A Distant Star

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If you've ever been in a long distance relationship, you know how hard it can be knowing your partner is far away; sometimes they feel like they're across the universe. In the case of Nagamine Mikako and Terao Noboru, that's not entirely far from the truth. While Terao is going into senior high, Mikako will be joining the space expedition of a lifetime. With nothing but seemingly endless stars between them, Voices of a Distant Star is all about their love for each other and learning how to deal with the heartbreaking distance. 

Whether you're looking for interesting sci-fi anime or just a story about love, we've got you covered. Our recommendations range from classic sci-fi series like the Macross franchise to interesting fantasy-like romance movies like Your Name. With such an interesting storyline that does such a great job of blending your typical romance with an incredible and detailed sci-fi narrative, it's hard to imagine anything beating Voices of a Distant Star, but we're sure these series will entertain you! 

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