The Best Anime Like Witchblade

Looking for something to watch after finishing Witchblade? Since it's a popular anime, let's rank the best anime that are similar to Witchblade, with the order of the recommendations determined by your votes.

For example, how does Claymore compare to Witchblade? Similar to Witchblade, the anime Claymore features females who wield magical weapons; in their case the swords known as Claymore. There is also Elfin Lied and RIN – Daughters of Menmosyne. Still other anime series that are good recommendations for anime like Witchblade include Glass Maiden, the magical-girl comedy-drama Kill la Kill, and Devil Lady.

If you have a recommendation that isn't here, add it to the list, as long as it has something in common with Witchblade. Similarities can include genre, story, character types, and more.

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