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The Best Anime Like Wolf Children

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Being a single parent is an incredibly difficult job, but it only gets worse when your children can turn into wolves. Wolf Children follows the story of Hana as she falls in love with a man who can turn into a wolf at will. After his death, she's left alone with her two children who seem to take after their father with his unique abilities. Now she must find a way to raise them properly with their powers while also acknowledging the harsh realities of being a single mother.

There are plenty of beautiful, heartwarming anime series like Wolf Children and we've compiled a list that is sure to take you through a feels trip. Stories like Tokyo Grandfathers show three homeless friends who find an abandoned baby and how these perfect strangers can become unlikely heroes in the face of society. Violet Evergarden is a heartbreaking series about a girl who's known nothing but war her whole life and must now find her place in a peaceful world. While these tales are all respectively different from one another, they do have the same kind of sentimental slice-of-life elements that are sure to make you really feel for the characters, if not outright cry.

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