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The Best Anime Like Yona of the Dawn

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A sheltered princess since birth, Yona has always thought her kingdom, Kouka, to be a peaceful one. But when her beloved cousin kills the king and threatens her life, she's forced to run in order to survive, realizing just how wrong she was. Navigating her kingdom as though she were seeing it for the first time, Yona realizes just how blind she's been to her people's suffering all this time. 

As a fantasy anime that has heavy elements of historic Japan, this series is excellent for a binge-watching session. However, if you've already blown through the show, we're happy to help you find your next big obsession with anime just like Yona of the Dawn. Series like Fushigi Yuugi are not only incredibly entertaining but also quite long; meaning you'll have to have some serious time on your hands to dedicate. There are also wonderful fantasy themed anime, such as The Ancient Magus Bride, that offer more of a modern feel while sticking to its mystic roots, giving you a nice blend of both worlds. 

We've got the best list of recommendations for anime like Yona of the Dawn with excellent stories that are sure to thrill you. Let us know which series were your favorites by voting them up on the list!