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The 13 Best Anime Like Yuru Camp

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It’s always the anime series about strange and unusual people that make some of the best stories for viewers. Rin Shima just so happens to be one of those quirky girls who has an interesting hobby for her vacation days; spending them alone as she camps at the base of Mount Fuji. She loves the idea of doing everything herself and not being bothered by anyone. That is, until the day someone gets lost and needs her help.

A girl named Nadeshiko needs refuge at Rin’s camp. Despite what you’d think, the two have a wonderful time together, which leads to a great tale of friendship. There’s a very special atmosphere that goes along to this series and makes you feel at ease. Pair that with lasting friendships and an adventurous spirit and you have a perfect show! If you’re looking for something like this to add your watchlist, we have 13 great series you should consider!

  • Despite not being able to play an instrument, Hirasawa Yui has signed up for the Light Music Club. While she tried to explain to the club members that she may have made a mistake, they convince her to stay so that their club won't be officially disbanded. Yui's choice of instrument is the guitar; something she begins to put her mind to, in order to learn. This gives her an imagination and absolute confidence she hasn't felt before. All of this practice is for their big debut at the school's festival; will the club be ready? 

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  • Yuru Camp gave us a slice of life story that really does the heart good. If you're looking for something that's equally about friendship and the not-so-typical every day of a group of characters, then add Non Non Biyori to your watchlist right now! Following the story of four girls, as they bring a sense of liveliness to their home, they always seem to be getting into something. Asahigaoka is extremely rural, which comes with its own set of problems including bored children. This show revolves around the different ways these four choose to make their own fun! 

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  • While Barakamon has a very different premise than Yuru Camp, there's something to be said about their connection to the feeling of being away from home to recenter yourself. Seishuu Handa is an artist with a bit of a temper that tends to be a bit of a problem. When a veteran negatively critiques his work, he loses his cool and ends up having to serve his punishment away from Tokyo in a place called the Goto Islands. You would think that a quiet setting would be just what he needs to cool off, but instead, he's plagued with difficult neighbors who never seem to leave him alone. In the end, what work can he possibly hope to get done when no one will give him peace?

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  • Making your dream happen is something a lot of main characters' stories are about, but there's something different about Shirase Kobuchizawa's. After her mother's disappearance in Antartica, she's dreamed of nothing more than going back. Mari, a second-year at the same high school, has feared that she's wasting away her youth by not doing anything. Even though she has grand dreams of doing something amazing, she also harbors fear and anxiety about failure. When these two meet, a decision is made; Mari is also going to go to the place further than the universe. Along the way, new girls with the same aspirations come along for the journey, and it's such a beautiful tale you'll feel as though you went on the adventure too! 

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