Anime's Best Little Sister Characters

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Vote up the younger sisters in anime who are so cool you wouldn't mind having them as your own sibling.

As fantastical as anime gets, certain tropes keep the genre accessible to all, and this includes siblings.

The little sister is a common character in anime, more often than not a supporting role whose mischievous antics or sweet dispositions always leave lasting impressions. Many fans can only dream of having such adorable siblings as these younger sisters in anime, whose charm never sullies despite the attempts of the surliest of big brothers. They wield a certain amount of power over their older siblings, who can never to seem to resist their flights of fancy. Even when arguing with their siblings, these girls still provide series with the familial aspects millions of people are familiar with.

Here are the best little sister characters in anime, a collection of tsunderes, rays of sunshine, and troublemakers-no matter how old they get, they’ll always be the baby sister.

Most divisive: Hinata Kawamoto
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  • Shiro
    1,355 votes
    No Game No Life
  • Ayumi Otosaka
    919 votes

    Ayumi Otosaka

  • Komachi Hikigaya
    725 votes

    Komachi Hikigaya

    My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
  • Miyuki Shiba
    814 votes

    Miyuki Shiba

    The Irregular at Magic High School
  • Ui Hirasawa
    486 votes

    Ui Hirasawa

  • Tsukihi and Karen Araragi
    457 votes

    Tsukihi and Karen Araragi

    Monogatari Series