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The Best Anime You Can Watch On Amazon Prime

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When one considers Amazon Prime, they might not immediately think about anime. They may dream about free two-day shipping, or the live-action TV shows they can watch like Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. However, Amazon Prime actually has a lot to offer in the anime department, including plenty of shows that can't be found anywhere else, even on Crunchyroll.

The best anime on Amazon Prime includes shows like Inuyashikiin which an elderly man with cancer is transformed against his will into an insanely powerful robot, and Wotakoi, which follows two anime fans falling in love. There's clearly something to suit everyone's tastes, from old-school fans to new devotees. 

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    This anime series pays tribute to Norse mythology and Vikings with its dramatization of two popular historical figures, Thorfinn Karlsefni and Cnut the Great. Set in 1013 AD England, the war between the Danes and England rages on. Meanwhile, Thorfinn seeks to find paradise in a place called Vinland, even if it only exists in myths. This epic follows Thorfinn's journey to Vinland and his quest for vengeance on the king who killed his father. 

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    A corrupt samurai lord makes a deal with demons to help his land flourish, but in exchange, he must trade his newborn son's organs to the demons. Missing most of his vital body parts, the son, Hyakkimaru, is abandoned and raised by a local doctor who gives him prosthetics. Hyakkimaru vows to reclaim his body one piece at a time by taking out demons before ultimately confronting his father. Based on the 1967 manga by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, Dororo is an epic tale that follows the journey of an orphan child and an unconventional swordsman as they defeat demons who cross their paths.

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  • Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku is romance anime about two office workers who can't seem to figure out the whole romance thing, mainly because they believe they're both hopeless nerds.

    This self-imposed pigeonholing makes it hard for their relationship to work. It's one of the few love stories that features adult characters, so if teen dramas have grown tiring, this is definitely a show to check out.

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    Made In Abyss

    Made In Abyss might look like a cutesy fantasy story – and it certainly starts out that way –but at the bottom of the mysterious abyss lies terrible secrets beyond the understanding of the groups of children who explore it daily.

    Viewers are charmed by its atmosphere and scared out of their minds by the end. For anyone looking to experience a range of emotions, this is the perfect show.

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