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It's the premiere anime streaming service, but what are the best anime shows on Crunchyroll? Sure you can watch on Netflix or Hulu, but Crunchyroll offers a ton of the best current anime shows that aren't on either of those services. If you're someone who watches simulcasts and loves anime, tell us what good anime is streaming on Crunchyroll right now! Do you love shonen anime like My Hero Academia? What about sports anime like Haikyu!! or Kuroko's Basketball? We want you to vote for the top anime listed below so that new members of the service can get a jumpstart on what they should be watching. 

The great thing about Crunchyroll is that they simulcast shows as they air in Japan, meaning you can watch new anime right when it comes out. In case you're not aware, Crunchyroll does not deal with much dubbed anime, so expect to watch all these shows in Japanese with subtitles (usually the best way to watch anyways.)

Vote up the anime on Crunchyroll that you love, and downvote the ones that you don't like so much. 

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