The Best Anime On HIDIVE

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Did you know there are other streaming services dedicated to providing you with the best anime experience other than Netflix and Crunchyroll? HIDIVE is a streaming service solely dedicated to anime fans! It has been around since 2017 and is a lesser-known anime service, but it's been picking up more and more exclusives in recent years.

Series such as Call of the Night, Ya Boy Kong Ming!, and My Isekai Life are streaming exclusively on HIDIVE. Besides their exclusives, they also have some other great anime in their catalog that will make it worth your dollar if you subscribe to their service. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, Akame ga Kill! and No Game, No Life are just a few of many popular titles that they provide.

HIDIVE also simulcasts their new series as well, and if subs aren't your thing, they have a ton of anime that are dubbed - including simuldubs. Regardless of your preferences, they provide both subs and dubs, so hardcore sub watchers won't have to worry. Both sub and dub watchers can enjoy the service equally!

Check out this list of the best anime streaming now on HIDIVE. Have you checked out any of their exclusive anime titles? Make sure to vote up your favorite ones!

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