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The 18 Best Anime Prequels of All Time

Updated 13 Aug 2020 5.8k votes 1.5k voters 33.6k views18 items

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Anime prequels are rare in the world of anime. When most shows want to talk about a character’s backstory or the history of a fictional world, they do it via flashback or conversation. This can be effective, but sometimes there’s so much information that it can’t be contained by a simple flashback. Sometimes, an anime needs more than that - it needs a prequel.

Whether they come in the form of a movie, an OVA, or a full-blown series, the best anime prequels don’t just provide additional context - they tell compelling stories that keep viewers interested without having to refer back to the first show. Magi: Adventure of Sinbad fleshes out a supporting character in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. This not only makes him more compelling in the latter series, but his story is fresh and fun on its own. Kizumonogatari provides crucial information about how Koyomi became a vampire, but it also features some of the greatest animation not just in the Monogatari series, but ever appearing in anything. 

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