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The 20 Most Satisfying Anime Punches of All Time

June 8, 2020 20.9k votes 3.5k voters 96.5k views20 items

Complicated anime powers can be awesome, but sometimes the most satisfying thing in the world is a straight-up punch to the face. This is especially true when it's a well-deserved one. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best anime punches that have ever been thrown.

It'd be possible to make an entire list worth of punches thrown by Saitama of One Punch Man, but he appears just once on this list. Other amazing punches were thrown by characters like All Might, Leorio Paladiknight, and Eren Jaeger. There's even one from an anime that isn't focused on action - Seishuu Handa knocking out that calligraphy appraiser was both relatable and satisfying - if kind of a bad idea.

Which of these moments got your blood pumping?

  • After an all-out brawl that sees an entire city trying to take out a self-proclaimed deity, the most satisfying moment comes when Edward slams a fist into his previously untouchable face. Why is Ed able to do this? Because after absorbing Greed, Father's body has been transformed into brittle graphite.

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    During his fight with Neferpitou, Gon is angrier and more out of control than he's ever been in his life. Though it's sad to see him reduced to such a state, it's also satisfying to see him let loose against one of the Chimera Ants responsible for his loss. 

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     Honest is the Prime Minister of The Empire, and despite his name he's a lying, manipulative creep. In his showdown against Leone of the Night Raid, he gets punched in the face - but not before he opens fire into Leone's guts. Both lose their lives, Leone of her wounds and Honest after being tortured by a variety of rebels, making this hit as tragic as it is satisfying.

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    Shortly after transforming into a Titan for the first time, Eren Jaeger shows off his raw strength by punching another Titan's head clean into a building. It's one of the first moments of hope in an extremely dark series. 

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