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The 15 Greatest Anime Rematches of All Time, Ranked

Sometimes, the best fight an anime has to offer isn't the first battle, but the rematch that comes after.

During the first fight, the hero might not be strong enough to stand up to their enemy, but during the rematch they get the chance to show what they're made of - that's what happens to Luffy when he fights Crocodile in One Piece. It's only during their third fight that he figures out a strategy that will work. Or maybe the first fight is emotionally shallow, but the rematch gives the combatants a chance to vent their true emotions, like when Bakugo and Midoriya have an unsanctioned battle that lets both of them let out all the pain, resentment and guilt they've been bottling up. Whatever the rematch's nature, the really good ones are some of the best things about their respective series. 

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