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The 14 Greatest Anime Rescue Missions of All Time

Updated 26 Aug 2019 7.9k votes 1.3k voters 16.5k views14 items

Something terrible has happened, and an anime character is in mortal danger! What can possibly resolve this precarious situation? A rescue mission, of course! 

This list is a compilation of some of the best anime rescue missions of all time. It includes classics like the Sasuke Retrieval arc from Naruto, in which several young ninja attempt to drag Sasuke back to Konoha after he left to study under Orochimaru, as well as more recent rescues like Katsuki Bakugo Rescue mission from My Hero Academia, in which the League of Villains captures the young hero-in-training and his friends try to get him back.  

The best anime rescues are exciting, high stakes arcs and episodes that get you invested in the outcome. Which of these is your favorite?

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