The 14 Most Satisfying Anime Reveals Fans Were Waiting For

There's nothing like an unexpected story or character reveal to turn up the excitement you're feeling about an anime.

Some of the most satisfying anime reveals are silly ones, like when we get to see Kakashi's face for the first time in Naruto - or when we get to see Gojo's very pretty face for the first time in Jujutsu Kaisen. Others are huge revelations that change the course of the series itself, like when we learn Natsu's true identity in Fairy Tail, or Krista's true identity in Attack on Titan. 

Keep in mind as you're reading that pretty much everything here is a spoiler - the biggest one being a reveal from the My Hero Academia manga. If you're not ready for a reveal from a particular series, scroll on by. Make sure to vote up the reveals that you loved. 


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    What's Under Kakashi's Face In 'Naruto'

    Sure, we could pick something plot-relevant like Itachi's real reason for destroying his family, but we're going to go with something fans were curious about from Day One: Kakashi's face.

    There was actually a whole filler episode dedicated to Team Seven trying to sneak a peek at their sensei's visage. Many jokes are made about him having buck teeth or swollen lips, but we don't get to find out what his actual face looks like until the series is nearly over. Turns out, he's not hiding anything especially astonishing. A scar on his eye that looks no more dramatic than any of the scars other shinobi are sporting, and a small mole.

    Not sure what all that mystery was about, but after hundreds of episodes it sure felt good to find out.

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    Koro-sensei Did Nothing Wrong In 'Assassination Classroom'

    Koro-sensei Did Nothing Wrong In 'Assassination Classroom'
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    At the start of Assassination Classroom, a tentacle monster with a smiley face for a head claims that he blew up the moon, and he's going to do the same to the Earth in a year's time - that is, unless a group of middle schoolers manages to stop him first.

    He turns out to be the greatest thing that's ever happened to those middle schoolers. He sees their true potential and skillfully brings it out of them. The idea that he's still planning on destroying their home when he's so kind of them is painful - which is why it's such a relief when it turns out that he's intending to do no such thing. 

    Koro-sensei didn't actually destroy the moon - that was a mouse that had been infused with anti-matter. Thanks to some pretty horrific human experimentation, Koro-sensei's human body infused with anti-matter too. If he wasn't taken down within a year, he would inadvertently destroy the planet. But he'd always intended to let the kids take him down - he just wanted to spend time helping them first, because they had originally been the students of a woman he cared for deeply.

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    Raye Knew The Whole Time In 'The Promised Neverland'

    Raye Knew The Whole Time In 'The Promised Neverland'
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    The big reveal at the start of The Promised Neverland is the fact that the kids are being sold to demons as meat. But there's another reveal later on that's just as horrifying and just as sad.

    It turns out that Raye is actually Isabella's biological son, who she was forced to have so that he could be raised as demon chow. Not only that, but Raye has always known the true nature of the orphanage. Seriously, always - the kid remembers things that happened when he was in utero. He'd been doing favors for his mother for years in exchange for small trinkets - trinkets that he planned to use for an eventual escape. 

    While it's deeply upsetting to learn about Raye's backstory, it's also a major relief - there were times when it seemed like he might be intentionally working against Emma and Norman, so it was wonderful to find out that he wasn't. 

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    A Fan Theory Gets Confirmed In The 'My Hero Academia' Manga

    This one hasn't been adapted into the anime yet, so if you're not up to date on the My Hero Academia manga, keep scrolling - this is even more of a spoiler than the other items on the list. 

    In Chapter 290, a fan theory that many believed was confirmed - Dabi is Toya Todoroki, Endeavor's eldest son. Toya was said to have perished due a training accident, but it turns out that he somehow survived. Exactly how isn't clear - Dabi only said so much while dancing on top of Gigantomachia and revealing his family's sordid secrets to the world. Not only did he reveal his true identity, he also told everybody watching on television about how abusive his father was.

    This part wasn't really a reveal for the readers, although he did fill in some previously unknown details. But Dabi's true identity sure as hell was.