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The 15 Best Anime Sequels of 2018

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If you're a long-time anime fan, one of the most exciting things about each new anime season is finding out which shows are getting sequels. When a series you've been waiting on gets an update, it's a cause for celebration - and when a great show that left you hanging gets passed over once again, it can be bitterly disappointing.

2018 was an amazing year for anime sequels. Major shows like Gintama and Fairy Tail are enjoying their final seasons, and equally popular shows like My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and Tokyo Ghoul got new seasons that moved their stories forward. Older shows like Cardcaptor Sakura and Fullmetal Panic! got sequels that no one saw coming, while formerly light-hearted shows like Free! suddenly got a lot more serious. That's just the beginning - there were plenty of other excellent anime continuations this year. 

Which are the best anime sequels of 2018? That's up to you.

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    When Attack on Titan begins, it's a clear-cut battle between humans and man-eating monsters. In Season 3, things start to get a lot more complicated. Not only are the Titans not purely evil, but there's a ton of conflict between various human factions. In fact, one of the greatest battles in the season is between Levi Ackerman and his uncle Kenny. This season follows the manga, but also diverges from it in important ways, so it's a must-see for any Attack on Titan fan.

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  • The third season of My Hero Academia is one of the most exciting yet. It features a training arc that gets raided by villains, an incredible head-to-head battle between All Might and his ultimate rival All For One, a qualifying exam that stays compelling despite comparatively lower stakes, and the introduction of some promising new characters, Overhaul, Sir Nighteye, and the Big Three. This season is a must-watch for any fans of the series.

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  • Fairy Tail has been in progress sine 2009, but now it's time to say good bye with the final series. Though this is sad news for fans of the series, it'll be great to see the final chapters of the manga adapted into anime form. What's more, Hiro Mashima, the manga artist behind Fairy Tail, has announced two spin-off series, one of which will be a sequel - so it's not good bye forever, just good bye for now. 

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    If you liked the first season of The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K., you'll probably enjoy the second season, since it offers more of the same. This show follows Saiki Kusuo, an exceptionally talented psychic who just wants to be left alone to live an ordinary life, but keeps being dragged into ridiculous situations because of his powers. Whether he's dealing with Kaido's paranoid delusions, Kokomi's obsession with him, or random happenstance, Saiki may never get the peace he yearns for. 

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