Anime Underground The Best Anime Shorts You Can Watch On YouTube Right Now  

Jonah Dorrance
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Short films on YouTube prove that big stories and big feels can unfold in just a few minutes. Compiled here are the best anime shorts worth checking out, fueled by the creative talents of both big companies and independent artists. Many of the shorts are wordless, propelled only by the actions of their characters and the rhythm of music. The incredible artwork displayed in these short pieces range from the welcome familiar to the unexpected and unique, each one paying testament to the spectrum of talent on this list.

There is plenty of genre diversity to boot, with this collection including romance, sci-fi, adventure, and more. Amongst these varying stories, the creators of these shorts really showcase relationships in all of their many forms, exploring all kinds of friendships and connections between people. If you need a quick dose of something funny, magical, or heart-rendering, these videos are exactly what you’re looking for. Vote up the best anime shorts! 

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EDM duo Madeon and Porter Robinson lend their talent to this short about a girl who lives in her very own world. Heartbreaking and beautiful, this musical journey is worth taking.

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Poulette's Chair

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A young, timid girl befriends a magical chair. With Ghibli talent behind the artwork and a charming soundtrack, these three minutes will brighten your day.

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A Grandma's Goldfish

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A dreamlike and ethereal story that features the long friendship between a grandma and her goldfish.

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Rain Town

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A little girl spends a magical day in the rain. A contemplative tone with a peaceful soundtrack, this short is perfect for any day, not just rainy ones.