16 Random Underrated Anime You Should Check Out If You Haven't Already

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The past five years have seen a surge of awesome anime, so it's only natural that some truly good shows got lost in the shuffle. While most anime fans have seen My Hero Academia and Food Wars!, not everyone is familiar with The Great Passage or Selector Infected WIXOSS. 

There are tons of underrated anime from the last five years, and it's time these shows got the love they deserve. Whether a great show received lukewarm reviews or simply failed to attract the anime fandom enjoyed by more mainstream series, there are tons of amazing stories that far too many fans are missing out on.  


  • Anime and terrorism don't cross paths too often. The global phenomenon thankfully isn’t a daily reality in Japan. As such, the concept doesn't appear too often in anime. However, when it does show up, it’s worth noticing. Terror in Resonance tells the story of Twelve and Nine, two escapees from the Settlement, an organization that experiments on children at the behest of the Japanese government. Fueled by revenge, the duo commits multiple unlawful acts while attempting to obtain an atomic device that they plan to use against the Settlement.

    For the most part, the story provides a fascinating look at the motivations of insurgent groups. However, it occasionally loses its focus, which may explain why it’s not universally renowned in the anime community

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    How To Keep A Mummy

    How to Keep a Mummy first aired in January 2018, but since its debut, it seems to have been largely forgotten. The super cute show follows a young boy named Sora Kashiwagi, who receives a strange package from his father: a miniature mummy that he nicknames Mii-kun.

    As Mii-kun adjusts to life in Japan, Sora encounters a slew of delightful supernatural creatures. This anime doesn't have much of a plot, but it's beyond adorable.

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    Tsuki Ga Kirei
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    Tsuki ga Kirei is a sweet, slow-paced romance that doesn't rely on shocking plot twists or flashy animation. Instead, the 2017 anime series focuses on the development of its protagonists, Akane Mizuno and Kotaro Azumi.

    Both characters act like real middle school students. They're embarrassed by their parents' well-meaning support, they get nervous about speaking in public, and their personalities are in a constant state of flux as they grow and mature. 

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  • The Eccentric Family is one of the best anime to come out since 2013, but it hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. In a world dominated by three species - humans, tengu, and tanuki - the disparate groups must learn to get along despite their conflicting priorities and proclivities.

    After Soichiro Shimogamo is eaten in a ritual held by a group called the Friday Fellows, his family must come to terms with his passing - and discover the terrible truth about who is responsible.

    Despite the dark premise, The Eccentric Family is remarkably light-hearted in tone. There are some harrowing moments, but Yasaburo (the show's protagonist) is dedicated to enjoying life no matter what, which helps keep things cheerfully bopping along. The story can sometimes get a little abstract, which may account for its relative lack of notoriety, but it’s truly a hidden gem.

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    Sakura Quest

    PA Works is renowned for creating workplace-based dramas. Typically, their shows cover recognizable professions, but Sakura Quest deals with the ins and outs of a job most people have never thought about. The 2017 anime stars Yoshino Koharu, a city girl who's brought on to serve as queen of the Chupakabura Kingdom. Despite the flashy moniker, it's actually a run-down tourist attraction in the agricultural town of Manoyama.

    While the job may seem silly, Yoshino and her friends take it seriously, and they learn a lot about teamwork along the way. It's a heartwarming story you won't regret watching. 

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