The Best Anime Soundtracks Of All Time, Ranked

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What is the best anime OST of all time? That's not an easy question to answer, but thanks to your votes on this list, we're going to do just that. We want your votes to tell us what is the greatest anime soundtrack of all time, so click on the thumbs up below for the shows with the best music. There's no question that great music can make or break an anime series. After all, good music can shape and influence an anime in ways that elevate the series to entirely new levels. When Shinichiro Watanabe directed Cowboy Bebop, he often created entirely new scenes based on the musical album that Yoko Kanno had created, making her and her band, The Seatbelts, one of the most important influences on the show. Popular anime like Bebop and Samurai Champloo rely heavily on their brilliant soundtracks, which take the shows from being great to being absolute masterpieces.

Which anime has the best music of all time? We're not talking about anime intros and outros here, but the actual music and soundtracks that elevate scenes in the show and make you feel strong emotions. Do you like epic, dramatic soundtracks like that of Attack on Titan? What about emotional, orchestral songs like those in Fullmetal Alchemist? This is a list of the top anime soundtracks, ranked. We really want to know what the ultimate anime soundtrack is, so help us answer that question!

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