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The Best Anime Sword Fights Of All Time

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For centuries, samurai warriors have been heralded for their powerful badassery. However, swordsmen in anime are far more amazing than the feudal warriors of historical Japan. The breathtaking swordplay seen in series like Kill la KillPrincess Principal, and Sword Art Online provide a modern spin on the ancient fighting style by injecting sci-fi, fantasy, and beyond. There is no shortage of incredible anime sword fights, but a few are epic enough to stand above the rest. 

The best anime sword fights take the action to places beyond the reach of real-life humans. After all, not even samurai masters can summon demons from their swords the way the characters from Bleach can. The anime sword fighters who don't have paranormal powers still pull off amazing feats of skill. Zoro from One Piece never ate a Devil Fruit, but he's still able to wield three swords at once (one in each hand, and a third in his mouth). The medium opens up a whole new world of fighting styles, making classic samurai movies seem comparatively unimpressive.