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The Best Teacher Characters in Anime History

Updated 28 Apr 2020 64.2k votes 6.7k voters 48.2k views75 items

What do Edward Elric and Naruto Uzumaki have in common? They both had an amazing sensei, that what. In honor of teachers everywhere, we're ranking the best anime teachers of all time, with the help of your votes. Who is your favorite sensei character in anime? For this list we are including anime teachers that might teach a class at a high school, and also sensei characters that teach outside of the classroom. From Junichiro Kagami to Aikuro Mikisugi, these are our favorite teachers in anime.

Is your top anime teacher missing from our poll? Not to worry! You can add any character you want to this list, as long as they are known for being a sensei in the anime they're in. Vote up your favorite teacher characters in anime, and downvote any characters you do not like.
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