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25+ Anime With Great Rewatch Value

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Let's face it – sometimes you just don't feel like bothering with new anime. While new experiences can be rewarding, sometimes figuring out what's worth watching and then getting invested in new characters, new plots, and an entirely new anime is more effort than you're to put into a hobby. Sometimes, the best thing (and the most comforting thing) is simply rewatching your favorite shows

So, what's the most rewatchable anime? That depends on your personal preferences, but most anime with good "rewatch value" have a few key things in common. First, they need to have compelling characters that you keep thinking long after you've finished the series. Second, they have to have an intriguing plot – or a complex one that doesn't fully reveal itself on the first viewing. Third, they should just be fun. 

Vote up the anime you'd love to watch again, and vote down the anime you're content to leave in the past.

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