Which Anime Universe Would You Want To Live In?

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The diverse world-building in anime makes choosing a universe to live in an almost impossible decision, but this list of the best anime worlds can help you get started. These series host the best worlds to live in, filled with the magic and adventure you've dreamt of ever since you could first say kamehameha. Whether you want to be a pirate or a Pokémon master, a hero or a hunter, in these worlds, it's entirely possible.

You can defeat vampires and demons, explore colorful cities completely underwater, or dive into an alternate reality to live the digital life you've always wanted. For history buffs, other anime boast time periods from the Edo era in Japan to Victorian England. If you're more interested in the future, cyber-punk dystopias and space adventures await you. With such imaginative realms, it's no wonder many of these series are also considered some of the best anime of all time, both subbed and dubbed. When it comes to these worlds, every choice is the right choice.

Most divisive: Sailor Moon
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