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Anime With The Most Beautiful Water Animation

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Though water takes no definite form, many an anime succeeds in using the best water animation techniques to make the universal solvent a subject as captivating as any character. From exceedingly gorgeous rivers and vibrant swimming pools to the best oceans in anime, these anime with the best water animation send your visual senses into overdrive, their attention to detail, motion, and color leaving you feeling ever so slightly damp. It may not be the most uniquely animated thing in an anime series, but when illustrated with care, water looks fit enough to submerged yourself in.

While water plays a major part in many of the series, like Free! or Ponyo, it also plays a more supporting role as a beautiful setting for shows like Kids on the Slope or March Comes in Like a Lion. Some series even use water as a means of exploring emotion, with Tsuritama and Your Lie in April likening feelings of stress and loneliness to being submerged. Their altogether distinct and unique animation styles turns an everyday compound into a subject worth exploring. The magical water animation makes these sports rivalries, coming-of-age tales, and love stories even more enjoyable, and that much more enthralling.

  • Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
    Photo: Tokyo MX
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  • Spirited Away
    Photo: Toho
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  • Your Lie In April
    Photo: Fuji TV
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  • Garden Of Words
    Photo: CoMix Wave Inc
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