The 25+ Darkest Anime Endings

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While plenty of anime ends on a happy note, sometimes a series takes your heart and Gundam-blasts it into a million little pieces. A dark ending sometimes works best, especially for a darker show like Berserk, but watching one can still make you cry. Some anime concludes in a way that you never fully recover from it—spoilers ahead, by the way!

Be honest: there's a little part of your soul that's still crying (or laughing, we won’t judge) about Light Yagami crawling around on the floor screaming and begging for his life. Nobody’s getting over the end of School Days—that head is going to haunt your dreams forever. 

Vote up the anime with the darkest, most shocking, most miserably messed-up finales that left you running for your copy of My Neighbor Totoro.

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