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For those of you bored by standard sporting events, the coolest tournaments in anime provide the entertainment you seek. Featuring everything from martial arts battles to bake-offs, the best anime with tournaments cover a huge range of competitions for every interest. Rather than focus solely on the match itself, anime tournament series offer a cinematic look at all facets of sport and rivalry, highlighting a contender's feelings as much as their actions on the playing field. The best anime featuring tournaments present competition as epic storylines, heroes struggling past rivals, obstacles, and self-esteem issues for the eventual goal of glory. What really makes these series stand out is their celebration of unity, as the team building aspect of a competition really shows how far character relationships have come, such as the “power of friendship."

Some of the coolest anime tournaments ever are arcs within a larger story line, like the grand magic games in Fairy Tail. Other series boast entire plots revolving around a tournament, like Shaman King. Whether it's a sporting event or a food war or a battle between sci-fi beasts, an anime tournament always feels like the right place and time for popcorn.

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