15 Anime Universes, Ranked By How Awesome It Would Be To Live In Them

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There are plenty of reasons to love anime, especially because there are an incredibly diverse range of fantastic universes in which shows can be set. Some of the coolest worlds in anime are so awesome they aren't just entertainment; they're some of the best anime universes to live in.

With so many great choices, it's hard to decide which anime you'd want to live in. There's the ninja world of Naruto, where you can mold chakra to help you fly or shoot flames out of your mouth, and the world of Pokémon, where you can train amazing beasts to do that for you. Not into powers? Try the world of Aria, a futuristic version of Mars that looks like Venice. Tokyo Ghoul is a good choice if you don't mind danger and want to see what it's like to interact with non-human sentient beings. Whatever your preference, there's definitely a show that depicts your version of the best anime to move to for real.


  • Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Or Any Other Region Of The Pokémon World
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    The world of Pokémon is inhabited almost exclusively by creatures called... Pokémon. Species include cute little dog-foxes called Eevees that can evolve into different cute little dog-foxes, with abilities ranging from shooting fire out of their mouths to harnessing the powers of darkness; cats that can magically generate money; birds who are also deities, and more. There are also sentient bags of trash, but that seems like a fair trade off for god-birds and money-cats.

    Not only do these amazing creatures exist, but in the world of Pokémon, you can dedicate your entire life to them. Becoming a Pokémon master is a totally viable career path, one that typically starts when you're 10. If you ignore how wildly dangerous this is and focus on the potential for incredible adventures, this is a fantastic world to live in. After all, the biggest criminal organization in the world, Team Rocket, basically spends most of their time on practicing cool poses. 

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    The Hero Academy In My Hero Academia

    The Hero Academy In My Hero Academia
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    In the world of My Hero Academia, nearly everyone is born with a quirk, or a superpower. Quirks range from objectively badass ones like the ability to control fire, to more unusual ones like being a human who can do everything a frog can do. It's possible to be born without a quirk – the protagonist Izuku doesn't have one – but with an 80% rate of quirk occurrence, chances are high you'll have some kind of awesome superpower. If you don't have one, or if yours isn't helpful in combat, there are no shortage of heroes who are ready and willing to protect you from harm. 

    Also, you get to exist in the same universe as All Might, a superhero who is basically Might Guy from Naruto if Might Guy occasionally stopped shouting. Anyone who says they wouldn't want that is lying.

  • The Ninja World Of Naruto
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    The ninja world of Naruto is divided up into five different countries: the Land of Fire, the Land of Lightning, the Land of Water, the Land of Wind, and the Land of Earth. Conflicts between these lands are settled by ninja, each region's warrior/ruling class. While there are obviously some major drawbacks to this system, in some ways it's pretty darn cool.

    As a resident of one of these countries, you can become a ninja yourself. This means learning how to control chakra, a form of energy that allows you to defy gravity, clone yourself, control people's bodies with shadows, read minds, breathe fire, and more. Your powers depend on your particular genetic inheritance, but the possibilities are endless, and you never stop learning. If you're not a ninja, life is pretty much the same as it is in the real world, but better. No, really, it might look like Feudal Japan, but in addition to magic and endless amazing ramen bars, they have cell phones and computers and everything.

  • The Digital World Of Digimon
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    In the world of Digimon, creatures called Digimon from the Digital World pair bond with individual human children. While the primary reason for these match-ups is to allow the Digimon to transform into more powerful versions of themselves, there’s a side benefit, too. Many of the Digimon have personalities perfectly calibrated to help their human partner grow into a more powerful version of themselves. Emotionally powerful, that is.

    One great example of this is Gomamon and his human partner, Joe Kido. Joe has overprotective parents who pressure him into becoming a doctor. The poor kid is wracked with anxiety, so much so that it's hard for him to enjoy his life or make good decisions. Meanwhile, his Digimon partner Gomamon is fun-loving and carefree. Gomamon pushes Joe to relax while still respecting the validity of his fears and anxiety.

    There’s also Tentomon, who works tirelessly to get his partner Izzy to get off his computer and interact with other human beings, while still clearly admiring the amazing things the kid can do with said computer. Basically, the Digimon partners are therapists/best friends with superpowers. Who wouldn't want that?