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15 Anime Universes, Ranked By How Awesome It Would Be To Live In Them

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There are plenty of reasons to love anime, especially because there are an incredibly diverse range of fantastic universes in which shows can be set. Some of the coolest worlds in anime are so awesome they aren't just entertainment; they're some of the best anime universes to live in.

With so many great choices, it's hard to decide which anime you'd want to live in. There's the ninja world of Naruto, where you can mold chakra to help you fly or shoot flames out of your mouth, and the world of Pokémon, where you can train amazing beasts to do that for you. Not into powers? Try the world of Aria, a futuristic version of Mars that looks like Venice. Tokyo Ghoul is a good choice if you don't mind danger and want to see what it's like to interact with non-human sentient beings. Whatever your preference, there's definitely a show that depicts your version of the best anime to move to for real.

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    In the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!, all problems can be solved via card games. Not only does this massively simplify things, it also makes it more likely the solution will be a positive one. Why? Because not only does it take intelligence to win a card game as convoluted as Duel Monsters, but the process also forces you to slow down and actually think the problem through. Violent crime would go down, because criminals would be using duel discs instead of guns. Elected officials would be chosen based on how good they are at strategy, instead of how much they look like an anthropomorphic circus peanut. Aside from the societal benefits, who doesn't want to live in a world where your hair can grow out of your head looking like a tri-colored starfish?

    To be fair, some aspects of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe are pretty terrible. You do not want to be a resident of Satellite in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, for example, because that means police brutality, poverty, and discrimination. We have that in the real world. But, we can't fix it with card games on motorcycles. 

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    The world of Dragon Ball Z is probably the safest fantasy world you can live in. Why? Because even though the Earth is constantly under alien attack, death isn’t actually a thing. When you die, you appear in the Other World, get a little halo around your head, and eventually get to come back to life either via Dragon Ball wishes or some other convoluted means. Sure, getting murdered by Cell or Freeza isn’t exactly fun, but you’ll come back to life, so it’s all good. Also, you don’t have to worry about death by any other means. Pandemics? Global warming? Old age? Who cares? Maybe overpopulation could become a concern, but since DBZ isn’t exactly known for its realism, this particular issue could just not happen, somehow. Plus, they have interstellar travel anyway, so they could totally just colonize other planets if they needed to. 

    Also, the biggest celebrity in DBZ is Mr. Satan, who is basically Dwayne the Rock Johnson with hair and a sick 'stache. If you’re not swayed by the whole functional immortality thing, maybe that will convince you.

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    The World Of Demi-Humans From Interviews With Monster Girls

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    While some anime fantasy worlds are spectacular, they're also dangerous. Understandably, not everyone wants to deal with constantly risking their lives in exchange for being surrounded by magic. If that's you, but you still want a bit of magic in your world, Interviews With Monster Girls might just be the perfect universe to live in.

    In Interviews With Monster Girls, the world is populated with demi-humans, or, people with mythological attributes. Some demi-humans are vampires, some are snow-women, some are dullahans, and some are succubi. The series implies the existence of other varieties, but those are the only four that appear in the show. Demi-humans have unique abilities and particular struggles related to their natures, but overall, they're just an ordinary part of a world slightly more magical than our own.

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    The Unprejudiced World Of Yuri!!! on ICE

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    Yuri!!! on ICE might seem like it's set in the real world, but there are some pretty key differences between our world and the one depicted in the ice skating anime. The story follows the developing romantic relationship between two professional ice skaters, Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki. This same-sex couple is able to be open about their relationship; kissing on international television, and publicly declaring their engagement. 

    While the real world will hopefully catch up with Yuri!!! on ICEit hasn't gotten there yet. Victor is from Russia, a country with such strict laws against so-called gay propaganda, some real-life Russians have actually been arrested for expressing their support of gay rights. Not only does Victor experience zero consequences for publicly kissing his boyfriend, their relationship is universally supported by everyone around them.

    Oh, and also, it's an interracial relationship, something that the real world still has a problem with (for some reason). The world of Yuri!!! on ICE is a world where people can just, you know, love each other. 

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