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15 Anime Universes, Ranked By How Awesome It Would Be To Live In Them

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There are plenty of reasons to love anime, especially because there are an incredibly diverse range of fantastic universes in which shows can be set. Some of the coolest worlds in anime are so awesome they aren't just entertainment; they're some of the best anime universes to live in.

With so many great choices, it's hard to decide which anime you'd want to live in. There's the ninja world of Naruto, where you can mold chakra to help you fly or shoot flames out of your mouth, and the world of Pokémon, where you can train amazing beasts to do that for you. Not into powers? Try the world of Aria, a futuristic version of Mars that looks like Venice. Tokyo Ghoul is a good choice if you don't mind danger and want to see what it's like to interact with non-human sentient beings. Whatever your preference, there's definitely a show that depicts your version of the best anime to move to for real.

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