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The 15+ Best Anime You Can Watch In One Day

Updated November 14, 2020 9k votes 2.4k voters 44.4k views19 items

Sometimes you just want to watch an entire anime series in one day, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, considering the limitations of space and time, there are only certain anime you can watch in one day, depending on their length. Let's take a look at the best anime you can finish in one day, ranked by your votes.

Ever seen Terror in Resonance? This psychological thriller follows two boys named Nine and Twelve, who are trying to "wake up the world" with destruction. Another great anime you can finish in 24 hours is Paranoia Agent, a really creepy series by Satoshi Kon that only runs for 13 episodes. Other great anime you can finish in a weekend are Erased, No Game No Life, and Violet Evergarden.

Use this list as a recommendation guide for anime to watch in a single day, but also vote up the series you've already seen and would want others to watch too.