Anime Underground 12 Anime YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Right Now  

Jonah Dorrance
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With so much to watch on YouTube, it's hard to know where to start. From the best YouTube entertainment channels to the best comedy channels, you could easily lose yourself in the midst of all the videos. So if you're an anime fanatic, what YouTubers should you check out? 

The best anime YouTube channels are here to help you navigate the expansive field of the Japanese medium. These enthusiasts of all things anime, from cute cat girls to well-executed fight scenes, are bringing you the best anime content on YouTube. They rant and rave about the best anime series as well as the worst, bringing their perspective on why a show is worth your time, what makes a character brilliant (or not), or trends in anime to look forward to. They're knowledgeable and thorough, not to mention hilarious and creative.

There is more to their channels than awesome reviews and analyses, as many of them deliver interviews, convention vlogs, abridged series, and more. What sets these anime YouTubers apart from the pack isn’t their subscriber count, which is pretty impressive, but the care they put into their crafted works. Whichever channel and style suits your fancy, your entertainment is a guarantee with any of the YouTubers on this list. 

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Much like akidearest (also a part of his circle), Gigguk has a varied collection to choose from, including but not limited to: abridged skits, rants, reaction videos, and AMVs. The best part about his diverse assortment is the incorporation of both classic and contemporary anime, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, so there's something for everyone.

His channel is a haven for those not interested in the overly analytical style of review, but still want meaningful and substantial commentary. Gigguk can crack you up and move you to tears depending on the video, a testament to his ability to connect with anime fans in any genre. You can find more of this UK anime enthusiast on Twitter, and keep up with him and his hilarity.

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The Anime Man

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The Anime Man has a deluge of videos that are an entertainment center, which makes his million subscriber count very understandable. As a "Japanese-Australian dude" named Joey, his engaging style of vlogging and his remarkably diverse coverage of subjects make him one of the most enjoyable. He conducts interviews with series creators, like Spice & Wolf's Hasekura Isuna, takes on challenges, teaches Japanese 101, and even covers anime music.

He is consistent with his uploading and is always eager to speak with his viewers, leading his own Q&A series called #AnswerMeSenpai. You can see even more of his adventures on Instagram, which also features his fellow YouTuber girlfriend akidearest, with whom he collaborates with regularly. 

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TeamFourStar boasts the highest subscriber count of the YouTubers on this list (and an impressive Twitter following), proving how powerful laughter can be. Their hilarious Dragon Ball abridged series is easily their most popular draw, with a cast of roughly 10 people all lending their talent to the show.

Aside from their impressive numbers, what makes this channel one of the best is how much they manage to parody and the skill involved in their skits. They do more than just DBZ episodes as well, venturing into musical parodies and even fantasy showdowns between Cell and various anime characters like Light Yagami or a tag team of Saitama and Genos. When you need a good laugh, TeamFourStar's got your back. 

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Arguably the most popular female anime YouTuber with close to a million subscribers, akidearest easily takes the cake for most eclectic video channel. She covers manga, video games, cosplay, and more. She even does her own skits and travel segments where you can follow her in Japan, a great source for fellow otaku who want to make the trip themselves.

She connects with fans regularly in a weekly Q&A and her personality has spawned numerous fan works featuring her and her favorite tentacles. She often collaborates with boyfriend and fellow YouTuber The Anime Man (also on the list), making them the best otaku couple on YouTube. Definitely check out her Twitter, where you can peruse the fan art and get her thoughts on an everyday level.