The Best Quotes From the Movie 'Anna'

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It's time to vote for the best Anna quotes. This sleek action thriller is the new film from director Luc Besson. He knows a few things about how to create exciting female-led action. His past films include La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element, and Lucy, all of which had women as protagonists. Besson also made Leon: The Professional, which helped make Natalie Portman a star. 

This movie also seeks to create a star. Sasha Luss -- a former model who had a small role in Besson's last effort, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets -- plays Anna, a domestic abuse victim who is trained by the KGB to become an assassin. She eventually wants out of this way of life, which might be possible if she switches sides and cooperates with the CIA. Helen Mirren co-stars as Olga, a KGB bigwig. Luke Evans plays KGB agent Alex Tchenkov, and Cillian Murphy is American spy Lenny Miller. These characters all cross paths in exciting and unexpected ways. There are plenty of action sequences, as Anna gets to display her fighting skills.

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    KGB, Baby

    (Anna quotes Dostoevsky at length, from memory)

    Olga: How did you know that?

    Anna: I work for KGB, baby. 

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    (Vassiliev and Anna play chess)

    Vassiliev: Check.

    Anna (pulling a gun on him): Mate. 

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    Olga: Matryoshka is a doll. 

    Lenny Miller: You open it and there's another one inside. The only question is...

    Olga: How many?

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    Have To Pay

    Anna: Go any further and you will have to pay.

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    Body Bag

    Olga: I'll take her on trial. If it doesn't work out, I'll send her home in body bag. 

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    Fairy Tale

    Lenny Miller: It's quite the fairy tale you've got going on here. From top-flight model in Moscow to rubbing shoulders with the elite. 

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