The Best New Anthology Shows Of 2022

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Vote up the best TV anthology series that premiered their first season in 2022.

The best anthology shows have a little bit of everything, whether they split their stories between episodes or seasons, and the best anthology shows of 2022 cover the range. From episodes that offer different stories along a them to shows that aim to spend each season focusing on one story, the new anthology TV series premiering in 2022 are like a sample pack of stories.

Do you like your anthologies a little weird, using the shorter medium of television to really play with visuals? Then both The Boys: Diabolical and The House might catch your eye. The spin-off of the popular Amazon series The Boys uses different animation styles for each episode, like a smorgasbord of superheroes, while The House luxuriates in fiber-based stop-motion animation. If your tastes lie more in the realm of reality, then the docuseries Rich & Shameless, with each episode deep-diving on a celebrity crime or scandal, is all about reality. And, even the drama Super Pumped spends each season telling a story about a real business that changed the world.

Check out the 2022 anthology shows, vote up the best and see where your new favorites rank.