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The Best Anti-Heroes in Comics

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An anti-hero is defined as a leading character in a story who lacks traditional heroic qualities such as idealism, courage, nobility, fortitude, moral goodness, and altruism. Where the classical hero is larger than life, an anti-hero is typically inferior to the reader in ways of intelligence, dynamism, and social purpose. So, in the technical definition of the word, there aren't really many examples of anti-heroes in comics, or films, for that matter.

Fortunately, the Byronic hero falls under the broad category, and the lesser known term is what we usually mistakenly refer to as an anti-hero. A Byronic hero is defined as a man (or woman) proud, moody, cynical, with defiance in his brow, and misery in his heart, implacable in revenge, and yet capable of deep and strong affection.

This Byronic hero, named after Lord Byron, sounds much more like the "anti-heroes" of today. Enjoy ranking the best anti-heroes (Byronic) in comic books. Who is the best anti-hero in comics? Keep in mind the typical anti-hero characteristics mentioned earlier!

From Marvel anti heroes to DC anti heroes and beyond! Vote for your favorite anti-heroes in comics now!

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