The Best Guns In 'Apex Legends'

If you've ever wondered what the best Apex Legends weapons are, you're in luck. As with any video game that involves destroying your opponents, there's always a range of weapons that simply get the job done easier. Of course, Apex Legends is no exception. From sniper rifles and SMGs to shotguns and pistols, there's a long list of Apex weapons to choose from. Nevertheless, you'll find yourself back in the lobby if you don't choose the right one. Let's rank the best guns in Apex Legends, as voted on by gamers like you.

Before you pick up some pistol and find it to be a shotgun, check out the list of best weapons in the game. Whether your ideal Apex guns are something that offers the most damage (like the Kraber), or one that'll help you with accuracy (like the Spitfire), you'll find plenty of perfect weapons below. And if you need more Apex Legends tips, check out the best map locations.

Take a look at the best and most efficient guns from Apex Legends below and be sure to vote up the top choices. Then, check out the best Apex Legends streamers in action.


  • R-301
    Photo: user uploaded image
    341 VOTES


    Type: Assault Rifle

    Ammo: Light

    Damage: 14/28


  • 2
    337 VOTES


    Type: SMG

    Ammo: Light

    Damage: 12/18


  • 3
    280 VOTES


    Type: Sniper Rifle

    Ammo: Special

    Damage: 125/250


  • Flatline
    Photo: user uploaded image
    253 VOTES


    Type: Assault Rifle

    Ammo: Heavy

    Damage: 16/32