The Best Apocalyptic Songs

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Songs about the impending end of the world

In honor of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, and all future doomsdays, this apocalyptic songs list celebrates all things doom and gloom. If excessive worry plagues you, just enjoy some of these end of days tunes. Many of these excellent apocalyptic songs were recorded by some of the greatest musical artists of all time. See a favorite or two listed? Vote it up, and vote down any songs you don't like. This list isn't complete, so be sure to add any great songs that you think are missing -- but hurry, because really you want to get your songs listed *before* the world ends.

Even if you don't buy into the whole apocalypse idea, it does offer an excellent excuse to have a little party or two. Remember how much fun you had on Y2K? Repeat it. The world is not going to end, despite what the Mayans may or may not have predicted, but that's no reason not to go out, play some awesome apocalypse music, get plastered, and appreciate some of the best rock bands/artists of all time.

Whether you use this end of the world, apocalyptic songs playlist at a party, hiding out in a bunker in an undisclosed location, or just while you're hanging out at home watching CNN for signs of coming doom, enjoy. Just remember to use your time wisely. Trying to memorize all the words to one of R.E.M.'s best songs, "It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" is an excellent way to pass the hours away. Add your favorite doom and gloom songs to this list, too. If we're going out, we're going out loudly and with great fanfare.

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