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The 15 Best Multiplayer Games On Apple Arcade Right Now

Updated July 13, 2020 230 votes 66 voters 5.7k views15 items

Apple Arcade has way more titles than you might think. With over 100 new and exclusive games (and counting), the subscription-based gaming service lets users instantly download and play all kinds of games on their phones, tablets, or laptops. But while Apple games may be great for playing on the go, everyone knows the best types of mobile games are multiplayer games, which is why we're ranking the best Apple Arcade multiplayer games right now.

Whether you're looking to team up with a few local friends or battle gamers from around the world, Apple Arcade has a pretty fantastic library of multiplayer games, and it's constantly growing. From Sonic Racing to HyperBrawl Tournament and more, vote up all your favorite multiplayer and co-op games that are available to download right now.

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    HyperBrawl Tournament

    Photo: Milky Tea Limited

    Imagine if football had no rules, only featured four players, allowed weapons, and the matches only lasted 90 seconds. Sound interesting? That's what you get with HyperBrawl Tournament. It's a crazy twist on the most popular sport in America, making it a very fun game to play with friends either locally or online.

    Various game modes add tons of variety, and there are plenty of cool weapon power-ups that can easily turn the tide of a match. The game moves pretty fast, so every second counts. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to pick up. 

    Multiplayer Modes: 2 vs 2.

    Released: 2019

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    Crossy Road Castle

    Photo: Hipster Whale

    Crossy Road Castle is an epic multiplayer platformer that takes place in a castle that's procedurally generated. This means that the platforms are different every time you play, so there's lots of replayability. Engaging in the multiplayer mode means that four players will be on-screen at once trying to get through the platforms.

    It can be quite chaotic (and also hilarious)when you have four players playing, but playing with two is just as fun.

    Multiplayer Modes: 2-4 player co-op.

    Released: 2020

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    Cat Quest II

    Photo: The Gentlebros

    For many people, when they play video games they're looking to escape into a fantasy world that distracts them from real life. In this open-world RPG, an escape for the hustle and bustle is exactly what you get. It's a game where you play as a cat and complete quests to get gold and level up and basically live the good life.

    Best of all, you don't need to play all by yourself; you can play with a friend in a local co-op mode. 

    Multiplayer Modes: 2 Player Co-op.

    Released: 2019

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    Super Mega Mini Party

    Photo: Red Games Co.

    Super Mega Party is a little like Mario Party in that it's a game that has several mini-games built into it. You can play with up to four players and compete with them in eight fun mini-games. Mini-game games a high-stakes version of hot potato in pass the dynamite, an addictive motorcross racing game, and a high seas battle

    You can also take a spaceship into space on a mission to save an astronaut. There are plenty of exciting original games for you to play, so it's a great option to try out. 

    Multiplayer Modes: 2-4 player multiplayer with 8 mini-games.

    Released: 2019

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