The Best Apps for Parents

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Top smartphone, iPhone, and Android apps for moms & dads

The best apps for parents, ranked best to worst, in one convenient list of the top apps for parents. All the functionality of parenting books, parenting websites, and even board games can now be accessed on your mobile device or tablet making being a parent just a little less stressful (at times).

Whether you're on your first child or your fifth, all parents know there are times when they need a little help with the kid(s) and in the electronic age, there's an app for that. These are all the best social apps for parents, the top organizational apps for parents, the greatest educational apps for parents, the best game apps for parents, the greatest shopping apps for parents, and the health and wellness apps for parents are all on this list of the top apps for parents. If you need a distraction to keep a child quiet or an aid to keep your schedule straight, there are available apps for parents on tablets and mobile devices.

What are the greatest mobile apps for parents? What are the top parenting apps? What apps are best for parents? What are the must-have apps for parents? These apps are ranked by other parents like you who have the same questions about the apps parents should have. If you don't see your favorite app for parents on the list, make sure to add it so other parents can enjoy a little of the peace of mind brought by some of these apps on the list of the greatest apps for parents.

If you're looking for apps specific to your mobile operating system, take a look at the best apps for iPhone, the beest apps for Android, and the best apps for Windows phones.
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  • Netflix
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  • PBS Kids!
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    PBS Kids!

  • American Red Cross First Aid
    42 votes

    American Red Cross First Aid

  • Pinterest
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  • WebMD
    56 votes
  • Skype
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