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The Best Apu Quotes

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"Thank you, come again." Although this might not be the best Apu quote of all time, it's certainly the most memorable. Since he's such a beloved (and apparently controversial) character, let's rank the best Apu quotes in The Simpsons history, with the help of your votes.

The first time Apu's full name was said out loud is a famous quote all on its own: "Apu Nahasapeemapetilon." Some of the best Apu quotes come from the episode "Much Apu About Nothing," in which Apu faces the threat of being deported from the United States. In one of his funniest lines, Apu says to Homer in a horrible 'American' accent: "Say, let's take a relaxed attitude toward work and watch the baseball match. The NY Mets are my favorite squadron." Another one of Apu's best lines is when he puts Homer in his place about respecting his religion: "Please do not offer my god a peanut."

What is the funniest Apu quote of all time? Vote up the best quotes from Apu Nahasapeemapetilon to show support for this amazing character.

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    Pay For Your Purchases

    "Please pay for your purchases, get out, and come again!"

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    Thank You

    "Thank you, come again."

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    I Promise Nothing

    Apu: "Slap on your bullet proof vest, Sanjay. It's time for another bank run."
    Sanjay: "Alright, but if I don't make it, promise me you won't sleep with my wife."
    Apu: "I promise nothing..."

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    Slavery It Is, Sir

    Examiner: Alright, here's your last question. What was the cause of the Civil War?
    Apu: Actually, there were numerous causes. Aside from the obvious schism between abolitionists and anti-abolitionists, economic factors, both domestic and international, played a significant....
    Examiner: Hey, hey. Just say slavery.
    Apu: Slavery it is, sir.

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