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The Best Aquaman Storylines In Comics

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The character Aquaman was first introduced to readers in More Fun Comics #73 all the way back in 1941. Since that time, DC has published thousands of Aquaman comic books, which have included some incredible storylines, Aquaman story arcs, graphic novels, and individual issues making for a plethora of amazing stories.

Going through more than 70 years of comics, cartoons, and now film has revealed some of the best writing for a comic character ever. The rich backstory and the number of writers and artists who have had the opportunity to make their mark on the character over the years has made for some rich entertainment. Of the many thousands of stories, these 20 are definitely the best, so rate away to let the world know which of Aquaman's greatest adventures is truly the best?

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  • Throne Of Atlantis
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    Issues: Aquaman #14-17 and Justice League #15-17

    Writer: Geoff Johns,‎ Paul Pelletier

    Artist: Ivan Reis

    After several errant US Navy missiles are fired off course, one slams into Atlantis, which spurns the king, Ocean Master, to declare war on the surface. Atlantis sends catastrophic tidal waves against the cities of Metropolis, Boston, and Gotham City and it's up to Aquaman to stop the conflict and bring peace back to the surface as well as the undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

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    The Trench
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    Issues: Aquaman #2

    Writer: Geoff Johns

    Artist: Ivan Reis

    Determined to live on land and leave his life under the sea behind him, Arthur Curry is thrust back into his role as Aquaman when a new terror from the deep emerges. The Trench is a new carnivorous race that threatens all life beneath the waves and it is up to Aquaman to stop them!

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    Photo: DC Comics

    Issues: Aquaman #0

    Writer: Geoff Johns

    Artist: Ivan Reis

    In this tale, called "Underwater", Arthur Curry learns his true history as the king of Atlantis. The story is told to include details of his origins including details about his father, half-brother, and Vulko, the man who would restore Curry's memories and help them both relearn the location of Atlantis.

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    Brightest Day
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    Issues: Brightest Day #0-24

    Writer: Geoff Johns, J. Tomasi Peter

    Artist: Fernando Pasarin

    Following the event fo the "Black Day" storyline, Aquaman must rebuild his life following his own resurrection. As he makes his way through his ocean domain, he must also determine the nature of the mysterious new Aqualad.

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  • The Atlantis Chronicles
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    Issues: Atlantis Chronicles #1-7

    Writer: Robert Greenberger,‎ Peter David

    Artist: Esteban Maroto

    The Atlantis Chronicles is a seven-issue miniseries chronicling the history of Atlantis. The story covers its ancient sinking beneath the waves up to the time of Aquaman's birth. The series helps set the stage for the expansion of the Aquaman universe and fills numerous gaps left over the years in the overall history of the undersea world.

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    Sub Diego
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    Issues: Aquaman #15-22

    Writer: Will Pfeifer

    Artist: Patrick Gleason

    After a devastating earthquake has destroyed and submerged most of San Diego, thousands of residents are left dead! Aquaman heads in to investigate the disaster and render aid only to learn that hundreds of thousands remained alive, but were somehow changed. As they emerge from the sunken parts of the city, they begin to drown on dry land and it's up to Aquaman to help put things back together.

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