The Best Arcade Racing Games Of All Time

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Racing video games are always fun, but racing arcade games? Now that's some serious entertainment—especially when it comes to being a kid in the arcade. Sure, there's a long list of classic arcade games, but there's something about being 10 years old and having the ability to go 120 mph through the streets of San Francisco that brings a real thrill—in a tricked-out sports car nonetheless. Yup, those were the days. Anyway, the best driving arcade games span decades of fun, from the arcade games of the 80s to present day. 

When it comes to old-school racing games, not many can beat the classics like Cruis'n USA and Ridge Racer. However, we can all enjoy the updated graphics and features in newer racing games like Split/Second: Velocity and Need for Speed: Underground. Then you have more specialty games like Star Wars: Racer Arcade and the early motorcycle racer Hang-On. Simply put, there's a range of popular arcade racing games. But which one is the very best?

Check out this list of the best retro arcade driving games below and vote up your favorites.

Latest additions: Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway, NeverAwake, Lunistice
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  • Daytona USA
    216 votes
    • Developer: Sega AM2
    • Genres (Video game): Racing video game

    Daytona USA sends players flying around a NASCAR-inspired circuit as they compete in a major stock car race. You're forced on the line - leading the pack or playing catch-up from behind, the handling of each car is exquisite and responsive, providing an intense, fast-paced gameplay experience. This game has become a staple in the arcade racing genre with its eye-catching graphics and thrilling multiplayer mode.

  • OutRun
    Sep 01 1986
    188 votes
    • Developer: AM R&D Dept. #2, Sega AM2, Sumo Digital
    • Genres (Video game): Racing video game

    OutRun creates an intoxicating ambiance of a drive across varied landscapes in a classic Ferrari convertible with a blonde beauty at your side. The gameplay does not focus on competitive racing, but on the joy of cruising, offering a romantic 'drive into the sunset' theme. This game has become iconic for setting an atmospheric standard in the genre with its lush environments and breezy feel.

    • Developer: Sega AM3, Sonic Team, Sega Rosso
    • Genres (Video game): Sports game, Racing video game

    Sega Rally Championship offers an adrenaline rush as you negotiate a series of challenging terrains from deserts to snowy mountains, in the quest to beat the clock. Different driving styles and vehicle tuning bring a strategic twist to this dirt-sliding, mud-spewing car racing game. It broke the mold in the mid-nineties with its handling and surface distinctiveness, and remains a fan treasure.

  • Cruis'n USA
    161 votes
    • Developer: WMS Industries Inc., Midway Games
    • Genres (Video game): Action game, Racing video game

    Cruis'n USA invites you on a wild coast-to-coast road trip across the United States, showcasing a variety of landscapes in quintessentially American style. From dodging traffic to high-speed cop chases, this game gives another meaning to living the American dream. Its landmark cross-country journey layout captured the imagination of gamers, creating a unique place in the arcade racing stage.

  • OutRun 2
    Oct 25 2004
    137 votes
    • Developer: Sega AM2, Sumo Digital
    • Genres (Video game): Racing video game

    OutRun 2, a sequel that recaptures the charm of its predecessor adds a few more twists and turns. The gameplay is enhanced with branching paths, drift racing, and a heart-throbbing sense of speed. It ups the ante with improvements on handling, amplifying the joyride fantasy and snugly fitting into arcade racing canon.

  • Crazy Taxi
    Jan 01 1999
    136 votes
    • Developer: Sega AM3, Strangelite
    • Genres (Video game): Action game, Racing video game

    Crazy Taxi requires you to play a daredevil cab driver racing against time to ferry passengers in a fictional city, creating thrilling experiences. Fast, chaotic driving through traffic with insane stunts and huge jumps spices up the gameplay experience. It revolutionized the arcade racing genre with its non-traditional twist and a punk rock soundtrack.