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The Best Arcade Racing Games Of All Time

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Racing video games are always fun, but racing arcade games? Now that's some serious entertainment—especially when it comes to being a kid in the arcade. Sure, there's a long list of classic arcade games, but there's something about being 10 years old and having the ability to go 120 mph through the streets of San Francisco that brings a real thrill—in a tricked-out sports car nonetheless. Yup, those were the days. Anyway, the best driving arcade games span decades of fun, from the arcade games of the 80s to present day. 

When it comes to old-school racing games, not many can beat the classics like Cruis'n USA and Ridge Racer. However, we can all enjoy the updated graphics and features in newer racing games like Split/Second: Velocity and Need for Speed: Underground. Then you have more specialty games like Star Wars: Racer Arcade and the early motorcycle racer Hang-On. Simply put, there's a range of popular arcade racing games. But which one is the very best?

Check out this list of the best retro arcade driving games below and vote up your favorites.

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